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Swindon Authors

Over the past year I've joined a group of fellow authors who are based in and around Swindon. We're write across a multitude of genres and get together both virtually via zoom or in person every couple of months.

Our collaboration means that we support each other with tips and ideas for marketing, publicity, book promotion and launches, social media and events. I've learnt a lot of new things, and hope that I've been able to share some nuggets of useful information in return.

We're planning to be popping up at the Swindon Festival of Literature in May, as well as organising our own indie author fair in June. We hope you'll come along to say hello. In the meantime, please visit the websites of the authors below, sign up to their newsletters and support your local writing community.

The group comprises;

Lis McDermott

Lis is the glue of the group, and organises our indie author fairs. The former music teacher writes poetry, short stories and contemporary fiction.

Judith Cranswick

Judith is a crime writer, drawing her inspiration from numerous cruises and foreign travels. Her series of "Fiona Mason Mysteries" are cozy whodunnits set in various European countries. Judith is happy to give talks to groups around Swindon.

Phil Gilvin

Scientist Phil is an avid reader and in 2018 his novels were taken on by traditional publishers. He writes dystopian novels, with the "Truth Sister" trilogy being re-published independently following the liquidation of the publishing house.

Belle Henderson and Amelia Watchman

These writing sisters come from a family of authors with their own publishing company (Tamarillas Press) that specialises in women's fiction. Their stories centre around strong female lead characters in cosy romance stories.

You can find them on social media, with active instagram and facebook accounts.

Fanny Garstang

Busy mum, Fanny, escapes into fantasy stories, and her passion has resulted in "The Valley of Dragons" series as well as some standalone novels. Whilst Fanny lives in Gloucestershire, she is part of the group and organises the annual Stroud Indie Author Fair in September.

Find her on Facebook and Instagram @f_garstang_author

Zoe Thomas

Author and illustration Zoe is known as Zozo to her friends. Inspired by her garden, she has written and illustrated a 4-book series of children's tales called "Tales from Mulberry Garden".

Nikki Copleston

Nikki writes crime fiction and has achieved a 5-book series based around Wiltshire based Detective Inspector Jeff Lincoln.

Maurice Holloway

Maurice writes for pleasure and over the years has penned a children's series and over 20 novels in multiple genres. His family have encouraged him to publish the "Favour" series.

Neil McCallum

Neil writes under the name Dawood Ali McCallum. He has five published novels that reflect his own history of travelling and working extensively through Africa and India.

Emma Bloor

Emma has written a 7-book series, All eyes on me, which she describes as "a set of gripping psychological thrillers that is sure to dig deep."

Gemma Clatworthy

Gemma is an author of cosy urban fantasy fiction, as well as children's books. She describes the Rise of he Dragons series titles as "Bridget Jones meets Lord of the Rings"!


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