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Author Claire Fleming is being assisted by her cat Jackpot


I have been writing fiction since I was seven years old, and set up a "writers circle" with my schoolfriend when we were just thirteen.

My "proper" career has taken me into the world of broadcast journalism, PR and publicity and more recently, transport behaviour change and social marketing.

I write in my spare time purely for enjoyment and have a few completed novels awaiting redrafts and refinement, and a plethora of jumbled ideas for plot lines in my head. I draw inspiration from people and events around me.

Dark Horse was my first published novel and I have been thrilled with the positive feedback it received.  I then completed my second novel in 2016 -  "Drowning" - a tale set in 2025, inspired by a non-fiction book that I read regarding the environmental crisis facing the human race in the future, and whether technological advances have the capacity to 'save us'.   It's not as depressing as it sounds and still has the essential elements of humour, colourful characters and a surprise ending.  The book was launched on 25th March 2016 at the Lambourn Open Day.

Four years later, and partially thanks to the lockdown of 2020, I finally published the sequel to Dark Horse.  Staying on Track revisits our cast of characters in the village of Sloth, and introduces a new key protagonist in the form of a four-legged diva called Moody Muppet.  I really enjoyed writing the sequel and am proud of the result.

And so, onto the next novel.  2023 saw the completion of "What about Jayne?" - a nostalgic trip back to 1981 and also thirty years later, as my heroine, Maxine Carver, finds a school photograph and sets about reuniting the gang that all harbour secrets from the past. 

"What about Jayne?" was published in November 2023 and now I am turning my attention to the next novel.  This will feature a male protagonist who realises from a young age that he can smell when people are about to die.  It's the first time I've put a male character in my lead role.


At my current writing pace, look out for it in 2027 / 28!

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