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Dark Horse kindle cover.jpg
Dark Horse



Dark Horse tells the story of Londoner Abigail Daycock, a fashion graduate drifting through her twenties in a stream of temping roles whilst waiting for her life to get going.  
After making an innocent computer error that brings down the banking system, Abigail is forced to go on the run from the police with nothing but a tent and a handful of cash to survive on. 
She hides in the sleepy Gloucestershire hamlet of Sloth, where she meets a cast of characters that shake her from her comfort zone and change her destiny forever.
"A thoroughly enjoyable read - fun, witty and engaging"

Drowning kindle cover.jpg
Drowning -


It's 2025.  For 18-year-old Poppy Winter, life on the self-sufficient island of Socius is bliss.  She spends her simple days tending crops, sharing out the produce and enjoying secret fantasies about Stuart.


On the neighbouring island of UMAH, President Monteray's daughter Fenella is juggling a hectic mix of cello recitals, a law degree and her fated infatuation with the son of her Dad's political rival.


The two girls have the adventure of a lifetime when they embark upon a cultural exchange to sample each other's lives.  It's not long before they are both out of their depth.

Staying on track kindle cover jpg.jpg
Staying on Track -


Staying on Track is the sequel to Dark Horse.


Abigail and Sam have never been happier. As their relationship flourishes, Abigail's dream of becoming a fashion designer moves towards reality, and Sam promises to make the transition from jockey to manager of his own Equestrian Centre. Abigail's contentment shatters as soon as her Christmas present trots into her life. The feisty ex-racehorse, Moody Muppet, seems intent on pushing her patience to the limit.


The horse's arrival coincides with a mountain of challenges for Abigail. Struggling with money worries and loneliness, she is further frustrated by the interference of Molly, Sam's right-hand woman. As Abigail reaches breaking point, she faces the biggest decision of her life. Will the gift horse prove to be the final straw, or the saviour, of Sam and Abigail's future?

What About Jayne Kindle Cover .jpg
What about Jayne?


Bored housewife Maxine Carver plans to reunite the 1981 primary school quiz team, but can’t answer the hardest question of all. 


What happened to Jayne? 


One by one, she brings the team back together, and they rekindle memories of 1981.  But the friends also harbour secrets that could hold the key to Jayne’s mysterious disappearance. 


As the photoshoot deadline approaches, Maxine realises that there is much more to discover on this journey than she bargained for. 


Those who grew up in the 80s will love the nostalgia and familiarity of this tale. 

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