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Dark Horse sequel published...


It's been a few years, but a sequel to Dark Horse has finally been penned.  Initially titled "Gift Horse", the story follows Abigail and Sam as they embark on life together - with ups, downs and a four legged intervention called Moody Muppet in the mix.  Having discovered that there are already numerous books called Gift Horse, the novel was renamed "Staying on Track" and - thanks to some extra free time during lockdowns - is finished and available from Amazon as both paperback and kindle.

And on to the next book... I am writing "What about Jayne" - a novel that flits between 1981 and 2011 as our heroine Maxine tries to reunite the school quiz team.  Look out for publication in November 2023.


Lambourn Open Day 2016


Every Good Friday, the village of Lambourn in Berkshire (located in the "Valley of the Racehorse") throws open its doors to welcome visitors.  The trainers invite people to come and meet the racehorses, and in the afternoon, the visitors are treated to a wealth of entertainment on the large village green.  It's all to raise money for local charities.


This year, I had a trade stand on the green, where I was selling signed copies of my books, and chatting to people.  The weather was glorious and around 10,000 people came to join in.


I was surprised at how many people told me they would love to write a novel, so I hope I have inspired a few budding writers.  I was also unprepared for the number of parents looking to buy books for their children.  A few young teens are now in possession of Dark Horse, and I have since been remembering the peppering of swear words, and inappropriate scenes there may be.  For future events I will be more prepared!


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